Pac 3821 Series Cnc Router



Pac 3821 series machines are especially preferred by furniture mass producers.

The part is fixed to the working table by vacuum.

This machine can work on a 366cm x 183cm part without disruption.

The optional positioning pistons are available, according to the customer request.

This machine has individual motors on each of the support arms, on the left and on the right, to provide serial movement and operation.

The movement takes place on the helical racks.

Machine body is grinded and stress relieved so that it would be more resistant to external factors, such as load tension, temperature drops, etc.

The standard spindle motors are 7.5 kW 24,000 rpm.

Based on the customer request, 9-11 kW exchangeable tool spindle motors could be used.

In addition, 8 linear tool change unit could be added.





Net Working Space

X: 3800mm

Y: 2100mm

Z: 150mm - 250mm

Body Construction

Milled steel body

Guideway System

25 mm Linear guideway and carrier

Drive System

X ve Y: M2 Helical rack

Z: 2505 Ball screws

Working Table


Spindle Motor 

7.5 kW 24.000 rpm

9-11 kW exchangeable tool motors (Optional)

Axis Motors

Servo motors

Stepper motors (Optional)

Control System

DSP CNC control unit

Delta CNC controller (Optional)

Other Feautres

Central greasing system

Tool cooling

Kiosk type remote control panel

Tool Change

Sequential tool change (Optional)

Vacuum Table

20mm Compact

Vacuum Pump

305 m³  Greased vacuum pump (Optional)



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