Pac 2010 Series Cnc Router


Pac 2010 series CNC routers have 3 working axes and are generally preferred by facade profile producers that would like to increase their product range with various 2D and 3D models.

This machine could be used to cut 2D products, as well as to carve various 3D shapes.

Making standard 2D and 3D embossed shapes is possible on a press machine, but those shapes are limited by their corresponding moulds, so such a CNC router could be used to carve custom shapes.

Optionally offerred vacuum table could be useful to fix the larger parts so that it wouldn’t move or fall off the working table.

The standard machine has 3 high-torque stepper motors and DSP CNC control unit.

DSP CNC control unit is easy to use and doesn’t have a risk of malfunction because of a virus.

All axes have ball screws.

Main motor of the machine is 2.2 kW 18.000 rpm ER25 spindle motor.

Optionally, it is possible to add a dust collecting unit.



Net Working Space

X: 2000mm

Y: 1000mm

Z: 150mm

Body Construction

Aluminum construction and steel profiles

Guideway System

20 mm Linear guideway

Drive System

X: 2020 Ball screws

Y: 1616 Ball screws

Z: 1605 Ball screws

Working Table

MDF Table

Spindle Motor 

2.2 kW 18.000 rpm 

Axis Motors

8.5 Nm Nema 34

Control System

PC based USB CNC control unit - DSP CNC control unit

Other Feautres

2500m³ dust collection system (optional)

Vacuum pump (optional)

Aluminum table (optional)







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