Hot Eps Foam Shape Press



Decorative and insulation foam (EPS or XPS) profiles and panels have been widely used since the beginning of 2000s.

Pac panel embossing thermopress machine is actively used to produce vairous new models of such panels.

Along with the standard panel models, we can design custom models, according to the customer requests, as well.

The moulds are made from aluminum and coated by teflon to prevent material sticking.

The operation of the machine is automatic, where heating temperature, press duration and press tension could be separately adjusted.

In addition, machine has two emergency buttons to ensure safety of the operation.





Machine Dimensions

2500mm x 800mm x 2000mm

Press Space Dimensions

2000mm x 500mm x 250mm

Working Principle

Automatic with time adjustment

Total Power

7.5 kW

Working Voltage

380 Volt 50 Hz

Heating Adjustment

Digital PID heating control


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