Eps Slicing Machine (Down Cutter)




Compact foam cutting machines have fixed working table. They could be used to cut and slice EPS foam block.

EPS foam blocks are loaded to the machine manually. Cutting could be controlled manually or could be set to an automatic operation.

Compact cutting machines are suitable for small mass production.

Inlet and outlet of the machine have loading and unloading conveyors, respectively.

Wire temperature and cutting speed could be adjusted manually or automatically.


Technical specifications:

Block dimensions

W:1200mm L: 2000mm H: 1200mm

W:1200mm L: 4000mm H: 1200mm

W:1200mm L: 6000mm H: 1200mm

Number of wires

50 Wires

Wire thickness

0.50 mm  

Installed power

10 kW

Working voltage

380 V 60 Hz 3 phase

Number of wire holding arms

3 (Horizontal, Vertical, Transverse)



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